I am an honest person, so I’m going to honestly share something despite it feeling a little superficial.  Great workout apparel is one of the best motivators I’ve found to get me to exercise. There, I said it. The more-funtional, flattering, and colorful, the better.  I love a good pair of running shoes atop a great pair of athletic socks.  The right sports bra under a moisture-wicking tank can make all the difference. And, if you can give me a pair of running shorts with built in underwear and pockets? I’m practically in heaven! Give me the right gear and I’ve already got one foot out the door on my way to workout!

So, today I share with you the best of the best. My absolute favorite workout pieces. As you will see, I am nothing if not loyal in my ownership of Nike and Lululemon threads, but that doesn’t mean you have to be. (although, I highly recommend it) What I do suggest, however, is finding something you like, be it a brand, style, or color, and stick with it.  As silly as it sounds, master trainers suggest that wearing the right workout apparel can actually be motivating by boosting confidence and allowing you to feel more comfortable while exercising.  I can surely attest to this. I have never hated a workout more than one I did in my living room in a pair of baggy sweatpants. Those pants are meant to be relaxing and never again will they grace the presence of a workout. And, on the flip side, I feel especially flexible during a tortuous Pop Physique session when I’m wearing my favorite lulu gear.  Call me crazy, or even a product of consumerism, but it’s a proven fact in my experience.

Below are my absolute favorites. I own many of these items in various colors and prints and might be lost without them. Descriptions to follow.


  1. Nike Lunar Glide Running Shoes: The are the best fitting shoes I’ve found for a well rounded workout. They’re great for jumping, twisting, lifting, and a little bit of running .
  2. Lululemon Cool Racerback Tank: If my budget allowed, I would have this tank in every color. It’s breathable, flattering, soft, and holds it’s shape no matter what!
  3. Nike Tech Capris: These are perfect for outdoor workouts on days that are slightly cool and bottoms that I wear for anything at the gym. Perfect for yoga, cross training, or running!
  4. Nike+ Sportwatch GPS: Now, I don’t own this one, but I did get one for my Dad last Christmas. As an avid runner, he swears by it. Clearly, it’s next on my wishlist.
  5. Nike No Show Training Socks: These socks, oh, these socks. I dread the days they’re all in the dirty laundry and I have to wear socks that don’t provide arch support. These guys stay in place, wick moisture, and feel great!
  6. Nike Pro Sports Bra: I don’t have the greatest need for support in the chest region, but I swear by this bra as do many women of all shapes and sizes. Much like the rest of the Nike lineup, this piece stays cool even when you’re hot.
  7. Nike Dash Running Short: These are those heavenly shorts with the built in underwear and pocket! All I’m saying, is don’t knock it till you try it!
  8. Lululemon Run Swiftly Long Sleeve Shirt: Living in FL, I don’t normally get a ton of use out of my winter workout wear, but this year was a cold one! I wore this top over EVERYthing and found that it kept me warm when I needed to be warm and cooled me down when I was ready.
  9. Nike Pro 2.5″ Compression Shorts: These little shorts feel like a second skin. The compression feature keeps your legs looking smooth and they move in every direction you do.

Nourish and Be Nourished::