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Week 1 of Bikini Bod Bootcamp is officially winding down and I simply cannot accurately describe how inspired I am! We have a stellar group of women who have committed to working out together in Orlando each week, another stellar group of women who have started their own team in Melbourne Beach, and still yet, a sprinkling of more stellar women across the country doing this beast on their OWN. How cool is that!?

Throughout this week, I have received SO much encouraging and inspiring feedback that I just HAD to share!

Take the ladies who workout beachside. They are three moms, will children all no older than 4. Two of them have 2 kiddos, and one has 3, including a set of twins! They are busy women. They all homeschool their older children while ensuring the younger ones are clothed, fed, entertained, etc. Like I said, they are busy women. But, they are not letting that stop them or even get in the way! I was brought close to tears on Wednesday when I heard about their workout that day. Not only did the get in their burn, but they included their kids as well. All 7 of them! This just makes my heart go all sorts of pitter-patter.


These women are finding time to take care of themselves in the midst of the chaos that is raising children. They’re getting their kids involved by racing them in sprints, hurdling over the literal obstacle the babes have put in their path, and even planking with a toddler on board. These moms are creating an environment that works for them to complete their workouts, but they’re also doing so much more than that. They’re teaching their children the importance of physical activity. They are living examples of what it means to live an active lifestyle. They are empowering their children to do the same and that is a priceless gift.

It is my hope that these women serve as inspiration to you as much as they have me.  They are not just moms working out together. They are women who are looking a mountain of excuses in the face and pushing past them.  They are motivated and have formulated a plan to turn that motivation into action, and that is something from which we can ALL learn!

Next Monday marks a new week and new workout.  If you’d like to be included, simply leave a comment saying so and I’ll add you to the list. The Orlando crew will be meeting Monday night at 6pm and Wednesday morning at 7am. We would LOVE for you to join us!

Nourish and Be Nourished::