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It’s Monday morning and I’m already pumped for my post-work workout! No Monday blues here because I’m looking forward to what I know will be one of my best workouts this week.

At 6pm, I’ll be putting on my cycling shoes and jumping in the saddle for a 45-min spin class! I only started spinning a few months ago, but easily became hooked. There are tons of reasons to work spin classes into your routine, but my top 5 are below.

  1. Spinning is an incredible cardio workout! Cardio has always been the bane of my existence. Something I dreaded doing, but did out of obligation anyway.  Burning anywhere from 500-800 calories per 45-minute class, this is one cardio workout that I actually enjoy!
  2. The music! All good spin instructors create playlists that guide you through the climbs, sprints, and flat-road runs with songs that keep you on tempo. The music is often what gets me through the toughest parts of class.
  3. Spinning is great for all fitness/skill levels. Each person is in control of their own bike settings. You adjust your own resistance and rpm’s, making this a great class to take with friends no matter what your normal exercise routine looks like. This is also a low-impact workout, so it’s suitable for people with sensitive joints.
  4. Spinning targets your trouble areas. Like most women, I find that I need to work extra hard to get my legs and abdominals looking the way I’d like them to. And, while it’s obvious that spinning is great for your legs, it’s also a killer ab workout. In order to maintain correct posture while spinning, your entire core must be engaged, allowing it to strengthen and tone while you pedal.
  5. There’s no excuse to not go to class! You can’t blame rain, sleet, heat, or snow when spinning’s on your schedule. Indoor cycling is super accessible and many gyms offer classes several times each day.

Now, if you’re still not convinced you’re ready to jump on a bike in a full class, you can try this Women’s Health self lead spin routine. I’m certain you’ll love it and be just as stoked as me for your next post-work workout!