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This past weekend, Adam and I flew up to NY to celebrate the nuptials of some of our dear friends. It was a beautiful, fun (just check out those mugs!), love-filled wedding which took place at the Queens County Farm Museum on Long Island. Talk about a departure from the city!

Having spent a few days in the ‘burbs, we were excited to spend some time in Manhattan, especially since we booked a hotel in TriBeCa, an area of town neither of us had spent much time in before. For the first time, we used Jetsetter to book our room. Let me tell you, the reviews were spot on and the hotel we chose, The Smyth TriBeCa, was amazing. The attention to detail, cozy linens, and Kiehl’s toiletries were just icing on the cake of this modern, chic hotel.

Now, beyond the walls of the Smyth, were the guts of one of NYC’s hippest neighborhoods. Restaurants, cafes, shops, and impressive residences line the streets of TriBeCa and make it easy to stay in a small area without going hungry or bored (2 things you never want to have happen on vacation!).  I utilized Goop, my favorite new travel app from my bestie Gwyneth Paltrow to get things started, but as only NYC allows, we found ourselves stumbling upon great spot after great spot.

Allow the photos to tell the story:

An amazing Goop recommendation, brunch at Locanda Verde was beyond delicious. I chose the hazelnut crusted french toast, topped with a citrus mint salad and was blown away by the taste! Adam ordered crispy whole wheat waffles with grilled cinnamon apples. Equally as incredible. My meal is shared above.

After brunch, we strolled through Battery Park City along the Hudson River. The weather was perfect and the company even better (sappy shout out to my handsome husband). We made our way to SoHo in search of the perfect midday snack, a Bondi Bikkie! Hailing all the way from Australia, these cookies are to die for and can be found stateside at Gasoline Alley Coffee.

We found a great dinner spot just down the street from our hotel. Zutto, a Japanese American Pub, featured traditional sushi, giant noodle bowls, and pork belly sliders. Sticking to the lighter side, we loved the grilled edamame and wasabi noodles.

After-dinner cocktails were enjoyed at Tiny’s, another TriBeCa establishment just steps from our hotel. Living up to its name, this little upstairs bar was cozy, yet comfortable. Hip, but not pretentious. Just what you want when you’re avoiding the tourist flooded streets of a big city.

Finally, and as if NYC knew she wanted to save the best for last, we enjoyed our Sunday brunch at Bubby’s. We passed this adorable restaurant on our way to Laconda Verde the previous morning and immediately noticed the line. Dozens of people waiting to get a seat. So naturally, we joined those people the next day, knowing that there are too many options in town to have a line that long if the food is not to die for. And, let me tell you, not only was the food to die for, but the entire concept as well.

Completely farm-to-table, with homemade everything and local ingredients out the whazoo, Bubby’s does it right! The front of their menu (and I wish I had snapped a photo) spells out everything they stand for. From their homemade sodas to whole hogs, they do it ALL. The atmosphere was inviting, our server super hospitable, and the food delectable. I never knew pancakes, bacon, and eggs could taste so good! Unfortunately, my meal disappeared far too quickly to be photographed, but my words are no less true. Suuuuper yummm!

So, the next time you find yourself in the big city, forego the hot dog cart (I never thought I’d say that!) and treat yourself to a unique NYC spot. And, just when you start to feel guilty about all of the calories you’re consuming, think about all of that walking you get to do to burn them all right off!

Nourish and Be Nourished::