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God seems to really have this whole keeping-the-population-gender-equal thing down. For several years, it seemed as if ALL of my friends were having baby boys. Then, bam!, all of a sudden, they’re all having girls. All of them. It’s quite a lovely pattern, if you ask me.

Now, as much as I love all of the little boys that are in my life, there’s just something that makes me giddy about baby girls. Perhaps it’s the endless necessity for all things sparkly, or maybe it’s the tutus, but you better believe I’m going to have a field day once all these little lovelies arrive on the scene!Until then, I’ll share with you a package I put together for some friends of our’s who just found out that their January delivery will bring them a little doll!

Allow me to start by saying that I LOVE a good gift wrapping job, but by no means think that you must always go all-out on your presentation. That being said, when you’re inspired, go for it.  That’s what I did for this particular treat! The best part is that I had all the supplies on-hand, and they are a great balance between mom and dad. Nothing says “this is super girly” like glitter and pink, meanwhile, you get a certain air of “hey, I’m no wuss” with the use of kraft paper and thick felt. Win-win!

Just look at that all that glitter!

So, whether you’re heading to a baby shower or want to lavish someone with a little love, I encourage you to get crafty with your wrapping when you can. Here are some more ideas found on Pinterest to help inspire you!



Nourish and Be Nourished::