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Last week, I had the torture pleasure of running the Armed Services YMCA Mud Run in Virginia Beach, VA with my family. It was a challenge blast! My family is made up of runners and athletes and overall competitive personalities, so participating in this race together was really something special. After mine and Adam’s wedding in April, the extended family started feeling withdrawals and decided that this run would be a fun excuse to reunite. And, reunite we did!

In fact, we formed two 5-person teams to compete in the race, which were made up of cousins, parents, aunts, & uncles. Truly, it was that camaraderie and family bond that made this hellish mud run so much fun! The 8k (4.98mi) course was definitely more grueling than any of us anticipated as over 80% of our running took place on very loose, deep sand. It was actually revealed after the race that the path we ran is where Navy SEALS train on a regular basis. Talk about hard core!

The below photos speak for themselves, but I will just add that every one kicked some major muddy butt! Each team finished together and finished strong. And it certainly helped that we were met at the finish line by cheering fans, cold beer, and pizza!

Ready to run with the rents!

Why, yes, I am sporting a temporary Olympic rings tattoo for the race.

We were going for speed as well as style points.

We apparently picked up a team member coming down the home stretch.

Team Jazzbo Jiggety Joggers post race glory!

Cooper, Ian, and Megan absolutely killing the Mini Mudder!

Beer and Grandpa. They go hand-in-hand!

As you can see, we really made the most of our mud run, and I 100% recommend finding a fun physical challenge you can do with your family!

Nourish and Be Nourished::