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Some of my earliest memories involve makeup. My mom worked at the Estée Lauder counter when I was in kindergarten and I coveted those free samples she’d bring home every so often. My sister and I even used to ask if we could smell Mom’s blush because it was just so darn appealing.

Looking back on my adolescent years, I clearly wore too much make up. Part of me hopes I was simply following some major trends with my heavy eyeliner in high school. Another part of me chalks it up to self expression. I’m no painter, but I do skillfully wield an eyeshadow brush!

I’d like to think that I’ve gained some wisdom since those days of Mac eyeshadow pots in every color, as I have certainly embraced a more natural look. These days, a fresh face says beauty much more than one covered in layers of makeup, in my humble opinion.

I’ve also realized that I don’t have to spend a fortune on makeup! Gone are the days of $25 mascara and $30 lip gloss. In fact, all of my daily essentials can be found at the drug store. I’ve listed my must-haves below and hope you find that these can be staples in your beauty regimen as well!

20120815-221016.jpg1) Start with Maybelline Power Minerals Bronzer for a fresh, glowing palette. $2.50

20120815-221038.jpg2) Layer Maybelline Power Minerals Blush on the apples of your cheeks and lightly dust tip of your nose to complete the sun kissed look. $4.00

20120815-221110.jpg3) To brighten tired, or naturally dark eyes, lightly dab Boots No7 Highlights Illuminating Lotion. This will make any eyes pop! $12.99

20120815-221822.jpg4) Next, swipe upper and lower lashes with Mabelline Falsies Flared mascara. This is my all time favorite mascara and really does compete with the length and volume false lashes provide. $6.00


5) Finally, give your pout a little perk with Covergirl Wetslicks AmazeMint lip gloss in “No Care Bare”. This perfect nude color, with a hint of peppermint oil for fresh breath, is a great way to complete your natural look! $9.00

And, there you have it. All of the essentials for a budget-friendly-fresh-faced beauty routine!

Nourish and Be Nourished::