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Generally speaking, I am very decisive, which is quite helpful when planning a wedding. I picked out my wedding dress in a matter of 30 minutes, knew our venues were “the ones” the minute I set foot in them, and had no problem deciding on a menu for our reception. However, one thing that stumped me until about 3 weeks before the wedding were the wedding favors. I just couldn’t commit to any one thing.  So, with time vanishing, I gave myself some guidelines to narrow down my options. Ultimately, I decided a couple things: 1) I wanted our favors to have meaning, even in the slightest regard. 2) I wanted our favors to be edible. Better to consume something yum than wind up with an extra trinket lying around the house.

Setting parameters really did help and considering that there were two specific criteria to meet, I decided on providing our guests with the following:

  1. Jordan Almonds. These little candies aren’t exactly my namesake, but my mom does admit to major cravings while she was pregnant with me. Also, I love candy, so it’s only fitting to be named after one, even if it is indirectly.
  2. Adam’s Apple Rings. These were a bit of an odd-ball item, but they totally make sense. Follow along: Adam loves fruit. So, it’s only fitting that we have some fruit at the wedding which dons his name. Voila!
  3. Coffee served in cups with J & A recyclable sleeves! We had an evening reception, so I wanted coffee to be available to our guests. Because we didn’t do a formal sit-down dinner, we paired the coffee with the sweets and allowed out guests to enjoy them together!

For the presentation of these sweet, little gifts, I placed them in a lace-lined burlap suitcase. Hanging above was a handmade glittery, fringe banner (which coordinated with other glittery, fringe banners hanging around the reception) with the inviting label “For You.” I purchased mini candy scoops to serve the treats in handmade, splatter painted kraft paper cones. The coffee service was set up on matching burlap tray on the same table with accompanying J&A sleeves and pretty paper straws.

All-in-all, this turned out to be one of my favorite decorative elements of the reception despite the initial indecision I experienced! I guess it just goes to show you that you can’t always get what you want….not right away, at least. ;)

PS-As always, photography provided by the one-and-only Brandon Chesbro!