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That’s right, you’re signing that title to the tune of Destiny Child’s “Say My Name” just like I am right now.  Go ahead, get it out before you continue reading.

All done?


So, your wedding has finally come and gone. The honeymoon is over (literally, not figuratively…I hope). It’s back to the grind. Now what? How do you spend your free time without all of the to-do lists, DIY projects, bridal bootcamps, and vendor confirmations??

Well, I’m go glad you asked because there’s actually a whole NEW project you get to complete! Only this go round, your time is spent in long lines and on hold while you listen to a billion automated telephone options. That’s right, you get to change your name!!!

Truth be told, this process is actually pretty exciting. You get to see the tangible results of your verbal commitment to your husband. How exciting! So, while your attitude it still bright and cheery, let’s get to this.

There are a few websites out there that will help you change your name for a fee. While helpful, I’m sure, you probably don’t have any money left to throw around after all the wedding festivities. So, I’ve put together a list that will prest0-change-o your name without too much hassle!

What You’ll Need::

  • Marriage Certificate. Remember how your trusted friend mailed in your marriage license while you were on your honeymoon? Well, shortly after you get back, your official certificate of marriage will arrive. Be sure to keep this on hand! Please note: some government websites will tell you that your NEW last name has to be on your marriage certificate. NOT so! Depending on which state you get married in, this may or may not be the case. Either way, your maiden or married name will do.
  • Social Security Card with your maiden name, proving your citizenship.
  • Driver’s license showing your maiden name, proving your identity.

What To Do::

  1. Practice your new signature! This may seem like something a silly, little girl in dreamland would do, but seriously, you’re going to have to sign all sorts of legal documents with your new name. Better get used to it!
  2. Inform your employer of your name change. You can fill out a new W2 before your name is officially changed to ensure that your taxes are correct at the end of the year.
  3. Get a new social security card.
  4. You’ll need everything listed above. Check out this link JUST to be sure you have everything. Save time by filling out this form before you go.
  5. When you do go to the social security office, get there EARLY! I arrived 20 minutes before they opened, and that line above is what greeted me. Bring a good book.
  6. Get a new driver’s license! The social security office will mail you a new card, but if you want to knock these out with a 1-2 punch, take your official receipt to the DMV and they’ll accept that as proof of your new name! If you live in Florida, follow the instructions here for getting a new license.
  7. Jump for joy when you see your NEW name on your NEW license!
  8. No need to change your name on your vehicle registration. It will automatically be changed in the system and show up the next time your registration is renewed.
  9. Call all of your insurance companies and inform them of not only your name change, but your new marital status. Chances are you’ll be awarded DISCOUNTS for tying the  know!
  10. If you and your husband decide to combine bank accounts, head to your local branch. Tell them you’re newly hitched and they’ll get you all set up!
  11. Close your old bank account by giving them a call and ensure that all of your automatic withdrawals have been transferred to your new joint account.
  12. Grab yourself a new email address, Twitter and Instragram handle, and change that Facebook status right away! You want the world to know you’re a taken woman, right?!

That wasn’t so bad, was it? Now, go enjoy your new name, Mrs!