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I must start today’s post by wishing my parents a VERY happy 31st wedding anniversary!! And what better way to celebrate than with a little wedding advice!? ;)

As most of you know, I’ve been a member of the wedded club for a little over 3 months now. My goodness, time has flown by and been so sweetly slow all at the same time. Being a newlywed is so much fun, so challenging, and so all-around life-changing in the best ways possible. But, we’ll have plenty of time to talk about that later.

It’s THIS particular post I’ve been thinking about since my wedding day. Literally, since I got up on that special morning, until now.

Whether you’ve been through your own wedding already, are currently engaged, or have simply been on the sidelines of someone else’s big day, you know that a TON of work goes into making the sacred occasion just perfect. I was so fortunate to be surrounded by incredibly talented loved ones who were so willing to chip in, however, there are a few bits of wisdom I have to offer that required no extra hands.

1) Make Some Space

Because our wedding took place in Nashville, it was important for me to have a comfortable space (literal, not figurative) to relax during the days leading up to the wedding. Fortunately, we found an amazing vacation rental home (on 11 acres, complete with horses next door!) just 10 minutes from our reception site that was big enough to accommodate my immediate family, and then some! This is where we had a bon fire, the bridal luncheon, and all of the girls get ready on the wedding day!

2) Glean Wisdom

In addition to a traditional guest book, we asked our guests to bookmark our Bible. We made little tags that each guest could write their chosen scripture & names on, then place in the appropriate spot in the Bible provided. It has been such a blessing to read these together and glean wisdom from the people who witnessed our commitment to one another.

3) Get Comfy!

The BEST decision I made was to bring a pair of heels specifically for the reception. I ordered them from a ballroom dancing website, so they’re actually meant to be danced in. They were a comfortable, flexible, covered in gold glitter, and an overall lifesaver!

4) Choose Wisely

I didn’t know it when I picked it out, but choosing a wedding gown that is durable is key if you’re a bride who likes to boogie! My gown was made of taffeta, allowing it to be stepped on during dances & dragged through tall grass during photos without a single worry.  I even had my bridesmaids cut the innermost layer out of it when we got to the reception. Hey, I was hot and didn’t want that unnecessary layer bringin’ me down!

So, there you have it: a few tips that most bridal checklists forget to mention. What are some of your wedding day survival tips? Please, leave them in the comments below!

Oh, and please note that all wedding photos were taken by the amazingly talented Brandon Chesbro!

Nourish and Be Nourished::