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As many of you probably know, Save the Date cards are a fairly new, yet very popular element of the wedding planning process. They serve to alert your guests of your special day so that busy people can clear their calendars. They also serve as a great introduction to the visual story of your wedding. Considering the fact that Adam and I are planning our entire wedding in 5 months, a Save the Date wasn’t extremely necessary for functionality, but more so in setting the stage for the feel of our wedding.

Of course, I enlisted husband-of-a-bridesmaid-go-to-designer-extrodinaire Greg Perkins of The Ram Project to design our Save the Dates. He will be designing all of the paper elements for our wedding, so this was a great place for him to set the foundation. Beyond the design elements, there is important information that should be  communicated via your Save the Date card, like the following:

  • Full names of both bride and groom, just in case you both don’t personally know all of each other’s invited guests.
  • Date of wedding.
  • City in which you will be married.
  • Suggested places for out-of-town guests to stay. We created a website and put the URL on the Save the Date card and included all of this information there.

Greg did an incredible job designing something that is representative of mine and Adam’s personalities as well as out upcoming nuptials. He took into consideration the colors, textures, and overall feeling of our plans and brought them to life in a fun postcard. My favorite part is the way the date is displayed on the front. Greg created a calendar and then I punched out the day of the week, month, and date of our wedding using a super serious paper drill at Mama’s Sauce Print Shop. It was awesome and scary!

Anyhow, I’m so excited to get the invitations, programs, and thank you notes done! Take a look at the below images of our Save the Date card and then cruise on over to The Ram Project to check out the rest of Greg’s portfolio!