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By: Jordan

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and on a day when words are sacred, meaningful, and full of emotion, it’s a good idea to have lots of pictures for all those words.  In life, there are very few occasions that you want to remember quite like your wedding day. I’m sure having a child is up there in priority, but I don’t know many mothers who feel quite as photo ready on the day they’ve given birth.

Needless to say, choosing a photographer for your wedding day is a big deal. Like B-I-G deal! Fortunately, Adam and I are blessed to have all sorts of super talented friends, one of which we have the privilege of calling our wedding photographer, Mr. Brandon Chesbro.

Brandon is not only someone who Adam grew up with and remains a dear friend, but he also happens to be one of the most passionate and enthusiastic photographers I’ve ever met. Brandon has been taking all sorts of photos since he was kid, but in recent years, has tailored his business to weddings.

As a bride, this was really important to me. There are many skilled photographers out there who shoot weddings, but few are as dedicated to the covenant of marriage as Brandon.  Even a short visit to his website will tell you that. He cherishes the moments he gets to witness as men and women dedicate their lives to become husbands and wives before God. It’s a remarkable gift to those whose weddings he carefully and artfully documents.

Of course, Adam and I haven’t wed just yet, but we had the chance to shoot some engagement photos with Brandon the last time we were in Nashville. Once again, this was important to me as a bride. I wanted to take the opportunity to get comfortable with the camera right there as Adam and I  interacted with one another.  I’m happy to ham it up in pictures, but acting “natural” is not my forte and Brandon made it feel so easy.  This was also a perfect chance for Adam and I to warn Brandon of our quirks, such as my slouching and Adam’s staggering handsomeness. ;)

Now, I thought about treating this as a “tips to finding your perfect wedding photographer” post, but any advice I can offer is trumped by the simple instruction on Brandon’s website. Under the section entitled “What to Expect” are four separate images with the following:

  • Expect love
  • Expect art
  • Expect details
  • Expect memories

Below are a few of our favorite shots from our engagement shoot!  We had so much fun and cannot wait until our wedding when our pictures will speak thousands of special words for forever and ever.