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By: Jordan

Ok, I’m sure we’re already sick of hearing about New Year’s resolutions. In fact, we can probably name a few people (including ourselves, even) that have already broken theirs. It’s annoying, I know.  That’s the problem with these things; if you lack the discipline Reagan encouraged us toward earlier this week, it’s going to be really tough to make a life change that will stick. In my opinion, the diet/weight loss resolutions are hands-down the hardest ones to maintain, let alone accomplish successfully.

Rest assured, however, there is good news! There is a way to positively change your body with minimal effort. That’s right, I said it. There IS a way to slim down, with little time investment and very little money. Here’s the thing though, you have to exercise and eat healthy. If it sounds like I contradicted myself, I understand, but bear with me.  Exercise and a balanced diet are requirements to a healthy lifestyle. Think of them as the givens in an algebra equation, you simply can’t calcualte the solution without them. Now, I’m not saying that you have to be a member at a fancy gym and eat only steamed vegetables, but I am saying that moderate daily activity paired with a diet consisting primarily of foods found in nature are a part of daily life that you must adhere to if you wish to remain healthy.

That being said, there are easy ways to help your body speed up and slim down! I promise that by simply adjusting your morning routine, you can actually melt fat away! Here are some super simple steps.

  • Start with a glass of room temperature water right when you wake up.  Rehydrating after  hours of sleep helps flush out your system and actually raises that sluggish metabolic rate.
  • Incorporate flax seed (whole) or flax seed oil into your diet. I take an oil capsule every morning with that delicious glass of water and can check it off my list. Flax seed not only encourages brain stimulation and circulation, but the oil emulsifies fat and helps your body burn it up! Think about liquid dish soap cutting through the greasiest dirty dish and that’s what flax seed oil does in your body.
  • Up your intake of Vitamin C. This one’s my favorite because Vitamin C chewables are delicious(!)…not to mention, this stuff has some serious credentials to back it up. A study done at Arizona State University found that people who increased their daily dose of Vitamin C burned an average of 25-35% more fat during exercise than those who stuck to the FDA’s daily recommendation. That’s huge!

I share these few tips because I have seen a noticeable change in my body since making each of the above 3 items a must-do in my every day. I drink water and take my flax seed while my dog eats his breakfast and pop a vitamin C as soon as I get in my car, so that I never forget one or the other. Not only is this a super easy way to give your body a boost, but it’s also a great compliment to the exercise you work so hard for already. I’ve always been active, but this routine helped me shed a few pounds and a thin, unwanted layer that my normal cardio & weight training failed to. That may not sound like a lot, but for someone who exercises regularly, hopping off that plateau is a wonderful feeling!

Now, I would be remiss to leave my sweet fiance Adam out of this post. He is a smart, healthy man and has taught me a lot about the benefits of eating foods that fuel a healthy body. He’s also the one who tipped me off on the Vitamin C stats and encouraged me to get my aqua on in the morning. So, I have him to thank and hopefully you will too as you try one, two, or all three of these suggestions!