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By: Jordan

Christmas is just 6 days away, so hopefully, with a little help from Cara’s gift finder, you’re all done with your shopping! It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? Until, of course, it’s time to get those presents under the tree.  I normally wait until the VERY last minute to wrap all of my gifts and end up causing myself  lots of unnecessary stress. So, this year, I tackled all of my present in one fell swoop and I’m here to help motivate you to do the same!

The are a few key elements to a good gift wrapping sesh. First off, you need all the right supplies, followed by a game plan, a creative element, and finally the right setting. Make yourself comfortable (I like to sit on the floor), grab a holiday drink, blast the Christmas music, or, in my case, put an exciting football game on TV. Once the mood is set, you’ll be good to go for countless presents. Here’s a brief overview of how I got all my wrapping done in one sitting.

What You’ll Need::

  • Wrapping paper of choice.
  • Sharp scissors
  • Tape, preferably in an easy-to-use dispenser
  • Creative element supplies: I made pompoms, so I just needed yarn
  • Pen/marker for labeling
  • That tasty holiday drink

What To Do::

  1. Gather ALL of the supplies you’ll need at one time, including any boxes for oddly shaped gift items
  2. Wrap all of your presents at once
  3. Label them right away to eliminate confusion  later
  4. Get cracking on that creative element! Cut a long piece of yarn and wrap around the present both horizontally and vertically.
  5. For the pompoms, started by wrapping…and wrapping…and wrapping the red yarn around three fingers. (more fingers for bigger pompoms, fewer for smaller ones)
  6. With a substantial amount of yarn around fingers, cut an additional piece to weave between two fingers and then tie around the entire bundle.
  7. Holding the tails of the additional piece used to tie, slide the bundle off your fingers and knot the tails.
  8. Next, slide the scissors into the loops and cut. Repeat on the other side
  9. Trip pompom pieces to make the entire ball even
  10. Use the tails to tie the pompom around the wrapped gift
  11. Place under the tree with merriment!

Another way to create some fun for yourself is to get your loved ones involved, even if they don’t normally participate in craft time. So, whether you have children, or in my case, a fiance, give them a project to have some fun with. Adam did a great job wrapping some travel coffee mugs for my parents and surprised both of us with the results. Check it out and have some fun getting those presents under the tree this year!