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By: Jordan

Alright, friends, this is important. I know that we regularly post about fitness here on Nourish. I also know that it’s really difficult to get into a routine that keeps you feeling at your physical A-game.  Even more difficult is starting an exercise regiment at square one.  Fortunately, there’s good news. At Nourish, being “in shape” isn’t the goal. Being healthy is! We want to lead healthy, well-balanced (who doesn’t love a decadent dessert once in a while!?) lives that will allow us  to remain active for a long, long time.

For some of us, that looks like running marathons (yes, that’s Cara) or hitting the Nike Training Club app 3 times a week (yes, Reagan’s a machine when it comes to that one), for some it’s jumping rope with the First Lady on the White House lawn, but for the majority of Americans, disciplined physical activity just doesn’t happen.  And guess what, that’s ok. (gasp!!) You don’t HAVE to kill yourself in the gym every other day for hours on end.  But, what you DO have to do, is something. Every day. For 30 minutes.

The video below is chock-full of eye-openening, informative, useful information when it comes to the health benefits of daily physical activity. So, please, take ten minutes to watch it in its entirety. You might learn something that could extend your life by a decade, make you feel better every morning you wake up, or encourage you to change the lives of others!