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By: Jordan

Welcome to my first official wedding-planning post! I’m so excited to share some of the fun details that are going into planning our wedding. First up: the bridal party!  I think one of the most special things about getting married is the fact that you get to share so much joy with the ones you love. On top of that, you get to gather those loved ones from every stage of life in one room. How cool!?

So, when Adam proposed, I knew there was a diverse group of ladies that I wanted to have gathered around me, in one room, for more than just my wedding day. I knew who I wanted to be in my wolf pack, the ladies who will support me, play with me, and protect me until I’m officially Mrs. Weaver.  I, of course, called all of them the day Adam popped the question and excitedly joked about the fact that I was going to put them in some heinous dress that could live through both fire and flood, and they’ll all jovially agreed to don such a frock. The truth is, however, I wanted to officially and sincerely invite each of them to stand by my side at the altar.

I remembered seeing a fun card on Pinterest (a bride-to-be’s greatest tool!) and decided I wanted to recreate something similar, but a little more personal and a little more my style. So, I went to my go-to design guy, Reagan’s husband Greg. If you’ll remember, Greg is responsible for both ‘Hey, It’s Christmas!‘ and Adam’s birthday present, so I knew he’d be a huge help with my wolf pack project! As you can see above, he did a perfect job capturing both playfulness and sentiment perfectly! After printing, I wrote them each a personal, little note and shipped the cards off in a fun metallic envelope.

Lucky for me, my girls are the best and they all officially said, “yes”! They have already begun sharing ideas and have given me lots of grace in my schizophrenic tendencies when it comes to what they will wear on the big day. Truly, I’m blessed by them and it’s my hope that this little gesture at the beginning of our adventure together sets the tone for just how grateful I am for their love and support.

Take a look at the finished product up close and keep in mind that it’s the little things that make a big difference, no matter what the occasion may be.