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By: Jordan

I will be the first to admit that I love a good teen-fiction-action-romance-love-trianlge-triology. I get sucked in and read at a pace that could’ve served me well in college had I known my brain had the capacity to focus on 12 pt print for so long. That being said, the world needs good books. The world needs good books so that I can put down the vampires and werewolves. The world needs good books and I know just the girl to write them!

McKenzie Parker (affectionately known to me as Mackers) is a rock star. She loves Jesus, has an affinity for all things hip-hop, always has painted nails, and has impeccable style overall. But, it’s McKenzie’s words that will truly impact the kingdom of heaven. The girl can write. And write. And write. Her short stories, poems and spoken word pieces have given me chills and misty eyes countless times. McKenzie writes with such clear feeling and direction and substance that is beyond her years. Her work is packed with truth and relevance and has made an impact on many lives for certain.

So, it is with much excitement that I share some beautiful news: McKenzie Parker is writing a book! She is writing a book that has a reserved spot on my nightstand until every page is read. But, in order to do that, Mackers needs our help. She is a full-time student and has decided to dedicate her summer to finishing her first novel. She has been invited to be a resident artist at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, FL and could use your support to fund this project. In order to do so, McKenzie has launched a kickstarter campaign. She has until Christmas to raise $2,200 and ultimately secure her residency for next summer.

Please, please be so kind as to invest in bringing better books to the masses. Remember, every dollar helps. McKenzie’s campaign can be found HERE and, if you’d like to enrich your day, you can check out some of her writing HERE.