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By: Mijanne

So, as we have announced, our beautiful Jordan Dowty is now engaged to the wonderful Adam Weaver. We all had the pleasure of being a part of this wonderful day for them. Adam called me about a month ago to start talking about plans for this special day. We were talking about location, and who was going to be there, if it was going to be in Nashville or here, & all sorts of things like that. But as soon as he mentioned the word party, I hit the ground running! I have wanted to do a tinsel and glitter party with big balloons and lots of frill, so I couldn’t wait to get started on the post-engagement party. I found the big balloons and fun straws online. But, most all of the tinsel decorations came from the dollar store! It was perfect timing because of how close it is to Christmas. I wanted everything to be gold silver and yellow and lots of sparkle! (Really to match her ring :) )

The weekend was a bit of a crazy one as we had Greg’s party Friday night and I had a music festival to attend all day Saturday. And, of course, as my life goes, I had to be at all of them. So, Saturday I left Greg’s around 11pm to head to my house to start decorating and baking; and ended up going to bed at around 3am. Then, I woke up at 7 to frost some cupcakes and head to party city. We were all trying to go about our Saturday as normal, which means breakfast at Keke’s. So, I proceed to breakfast. My plan was to go to breakfast, then go pick up my balloons, then go to the house. I was on a strict time schedule because of the music festival. So after breakfast, I went to quickly pick up the balloons, BUT Jordan decided to go to the shop right next door to party city so I had Adam go distract her as I stuffed 15, 17inch balloons in my car! So that was a success, but by only seconds. My next task was racing home, setting up as much as I could until I had to leave for the festival. I enjoyed some music then came back home for the final steps. Lighting candles, putting drinks and food out such like that.

People started arriving around 4. First were Jordan’s parents, then Adams parents (who came in from Nashville). This was really fun because they had not met yet. I think my favorite moment of the day was Mike Dowty being introduced to Mrs. Weave.  He didn’t realize who she was and greeted her with knuckles! Soon realizing his mistake, he gave her a proper greeting. Energy was really exciting in the house. Everyone was guessing what Adam was saying, how we was doing it, what if she said no (just kidding). They arrived around 4.30 hand-in-hand greeted first by their parents then a receiving line of friends. We popped champagne, gave some toasts, and oooed and aaahhhed at the bling on her left hand. They ended the night with a small dinner and drinks. We are so excited for them, and for their big day, but most of all, their lives that they get to share together!