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By Reagan

It’s official!  Creator and founder of Nourish is getting married!!!!!  Jordan Dowty will be marrying Adam Weaver in an amazing ceremony followed by an outstanding party sometime in Spring 2012!  The Nourish gals are super stoked for both of them and are so blessed to be a part of the beginning of their new life together.  This is good news for you too!  Mostly because this blessed event will inspire so many great posts from the four of us as we all do our part to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of our favorite friend!  Up on deck: Mijanne shares some of the details from the engagement soiree, Jordan begins to unveil some of her wedding plans and Cara and I will be piping in with our usual informative and witty posts on shower planning, bachelorette festivities and all in all wedding goodness.  In the meantime enjoy the pic of that blingy bling!  So we promise to get better at posting if you promise to keep reading and journeying along with us as we hit wedding planning hyper speed.  Hold on to your butts!