By: Jordan

Let’s face it. We spend a lot of time online. Namely, on social networks. Chances are, if you’re reading this blog, you were linked to it from Facebook or Twitter. The time we spend on these websites can greatly influence our thoughts and moods. That’s a big deal. The fact that what we casually write as a “status update” or “tweet” can impact someone’s thoughts, feelings, or actions is huge.

So, here’s the deal: let’s be responsible! I’ve been taught from a young age that attitudes are contagious. That’s right, my good (or bad) mood has the potential to infect others. And if we truly examine the things we, and others, say on our social networks, we’re not always spreading good germs.

My Facebook news feed has turned into a cynical complaint forum full of negative quips about daily lie. Of course, I understand. I can relate to so desperately wanting to share how I just got handed a bunch of sour lemons in the game of life. I love when I come up with something clever to share, even if it’s pessimistic or at the expense of someone else.  So, today, I’m suggesting we change the tide.

Here’s the challenge:

Over the next 30 days, share only positive, productive comments on your own social networks.  And, encourage your friends/followers to do the same. 

Now, I know that this likely won’t start a revolution, but it’s a step in the right direction. If nothing else, I hope that this little dare will help all of us to think before we “speak” and help shift our negative perspectives to positive ones. Remember, whether we realize it or not, we influence others. So, join me in treating that responsibility with the weight it merits and take the 30-day-positivity challenge!

PS-I took the photo above at the CVS down the street from my house. Every parking spot says the same thing. A small statement making a positive difference. That’s the stuff I’m talkin’ about!