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By: Jordan

We, here at Nourish, love to celebrate! It doesn’t matter if we’ve reached a running mileage goal, had a baby (that’s only Reagan thus far, of course), or started a new job, there’s always cause for celebration. So, this weekend was especially fun for me as Adam and I celebrated our first year of dating.

Starting Friday night, we treated the entire weekend as special and couldn’t have had a better time. As as I look back, there are a few key elements of our celebration that should be considered any time you desire to commemorate a certain occasion.

1. Share the responsibility of planning. Fortunately, Adam and I are both pretty easy to please when it comes to making plans. Because of this, we decided to split the day in half, in order to make the most of our celebratory weekend. We never miss breakfast with our friends on Saturday morning, so that left me with the afternoon to plan and Adam with the evening. It was so much fun to plan our respective time slots knowing that we’d have a surprise waiting for the other half of the day!

2. Step out of your comfort zone.  Adam and I share a lot of the same interests, but there are also a lot of areas where we differ greatly. One such difference: guns.  I don’t love guns, nor do I hate them. I’ve just never been around them, and thus never used one. Adam grew up with all boys, and boys (generally) like guns. So, during the day portion of our date, I surprised Adam by taking him to the shooting range. I did my research, asking my most trusted gun sources (ahem, Michael Dalton & Grant Weaver) for their expertise and we spent the afternoon firing away. I admit that I had moments of hesitation standing in a room full of people holding loaded weapons, but Adam was a wonderful, patient teacher and this sharp shooter ended up having a blast (no pun intended)!

3. Break (really good) bread together. No matter who you are, there is something to be said for sharing a delicious meal with people you love. Jesus spent his last hours doing just that, so I’ll take my cue from him.  Adam and I ate some marvelous food this weekend compliments of Primo and The Ravenous Pig, but you don’t necessarily have to get fancy.  A good meal isn’t made by the food, but by the conversation surrounding it.

4. Get creative. This is perhaps my favorite celebration guideline, where thoughtfulness and ingenuity trump anything money can buy. Adam, in charge of the evening portion of our date,  exceeded ALL my expectations with a little bit of creativity. He transformed his backyard into a candlelit fort equipped with meaningful tokens and a good bottle of wine.  Knowing that craftiness is not his go-to mode, I was blown away and genuinely moved by his efforts. The weather was perfect and we spent hours under the stars.

5. Document your experience. Ok, I owe a HUGE thanks to my girl Brittany on this one!  I love taking photos, but have yet to invest in a nice camera myself. My iPhone always seems to be more convenient anyway. However, I knew that this weekend would be one for the books, so I asked Brittany to borrow her awesome camera so we could capture some quality moments.  We now have these memories recorded for good and we had tons of fun making them.  We were totally that annoying couple who had mini photo shoots everywhere we went, but the awkward stares were totally worth it!

And there you have it. A  few simple tips to make any special occasion a memorable one. So, go ahead, celebrate life’s big moments, little moments, and everything in between!