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By: Jordan

I come from a long line of what my family calls, “white tornados.”  The fury of a white tornado leaves a trail of destruction for dirt & grime, cleaning everything in its wake.  Sadly, not all of the white tornado genes were passed down to me.  This means that I don’t inherently enjoy cleaning, but I still want to pass the white glove inspection. So, I’ve learned a few tricks along the way that make cleaning a tad bit easier, all while getting the job done well.

Perhaps my biggest cleaning nemesis is dusting. It’s incredible the crevices that dust makes its home. The blinds, crown moulding, between the keys of the piano, the exposed pages on the tops of books. It’s everywherrrre.  And maybe the most disgusting place it collects are the blades of the ceiling fan.  Now, I admit, I dust the fan far too infrequently and have, historically, allowed entire dust bunny families to make their home directly above my bed.  So, to eradicate the bunnies, I normally pull out the vacuum, extend the hose, and do my best to suck up every little particle. Unfortunately, this system isn’t fool proof. Clumps of dust fall off the fan before the suction reaches them and then you have dust where you normally rest your head.

So, it is with much excitement that I share my secrets for dusting the ceiling fan.

What You’ll Need::

  • 1 pillowcase
  • Spritz of dusting polish
  • Lots of dust!
What to Do::
  1. Spray the inside of your pillowcase, lightly covering both sides
  2. Carefully place the pillowcase over the fan blade
  3. Place one hand on either side of the blade and slide the pillowcase off
  4. Repeat on all remaining blades
Please note that my fan was only so dusty in preparation for this post. I never, repeat never, would ever let my fan get that dusty. Ever. So, stay tuned for more domestic duty tips for efficiency. I promise your domicile will be cleaner and your patience will remain in tact!