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By: Jordan

In exactly one week, my world will be infiltrated by 125 very eager, very talented teenagers. They’re going to show up at LAX with more energy than any Starbucks, Red Bull or acai berry can combat. And although they will surely exhaust me, I really cannot wait for their arrival! Once they step foot on the Hurley campus, it’s game ON. This is the best part of my job. Next week is made up of all sorts of moments of truth. All of the hard work they (and I) have done over the last 8 months culminates in a four-day trip to Southern California with a major battle royale on the runway.

I can honestly say with complete certainty that this will be the BEST Walk the Walk to date. The talent is unprecedented and the dedication is beyond impressive! So, please, I beg you, watch the webcast on August 4th. Better yet, fly out to California for a long weekend. Vanessa Hudgens will be there and it will be so worth it!

Either way, stay up to speed on all the latest Walk the Walk news here. The kids and I thank you!