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By: Jordan

If you recall, I have a dream job.  Some days, I forget that. I get caught up in the busyness that comes with coordinating 125 students, 5 schools, and an event attended by 10,000. Some days, however, I’m reminded why I love my job and why it’s truly a dream. One such reminder showed up in my email inbox last night and I couldn’t help but share!

Two weeks ago, I made my way up to the Jersey Shore to visit Walk the Walk finalists Toms River High School East (TRE) as they prepare for their fashion show. I spent the afternoon with them going over music selections, choreography, and theming. They are well on their way to an incredible performance, but it was a comment made in passing that gave me a new perspective on what this opportunity means for them.

Walking through the hallways, one student asked me if I’d heard their song entitled “Hurley.” When I replied that I hadn’t, I was immediately ushered to a computer for a listen. I was told that “Hurley” is a parody of YouTube phenomenon Rebecca Black’s “Friday.”  Admittedly, I had mixed expectations when I learned that TRE’s song may be as heinous as good ol’ RB’s, but I listened anyway. Much to my surprise, the TRE version was both hilarious and well made.

After hearing the audio track, I knew there needed to be an accompanying music video. So, I encouraged the kids to grab their iphones and take a few hours to put something together. But, in true Walk the Walk fashion, the kids went way above and beyond, and produced an incredible video that puts a perfect Jersey Shore twist on the original “Friday.”  Take a look for yourself!

Amazing, right!? Despite the fact that the videography, editing, and performances are top-notch, the absolute best thing about “Hurley” is the fact that this video is an expression of the students’ excitement. These students were not assigned a task, they were not required to do anything of the sort, yet they did.  “Hurley” is the resulting overflow of talent they have oozing from their pores. They are thrilled to be a part of something like Walk the Walk and I simply couldn’t be happier. This is what my job is all about; encouraging the youth to express themselves in creative, positive ways. They’re having a blast, and that’s a dream come true to me.

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