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So for all who do not know I really really love my birthday. People think I’m crazy because in like to plan my own party but I really love the whole process. The flowers, food, decor, and drinks. Last year I went whimsical and threw an Alice and wonderland party. This year I went a little elegant with all white and silver. I used a ton of white flowers in different white,clear and silver vases. (they looked awesome on the tables that Mike Edwards made for the “bungalow abode”.) The menu was a lot of sweet and savory foods. From my homemade Carmel corn to figs stuffed with blue cheese and pecans wrapped in prosciutto (recipe below) It was such a fun to to hang out and eat some food and enjoy some drinks with my friends.

Figs stuffed with blue cheese and pecans wrapped in prosciutto::

Makes about 36 Figs

What you need::

-18  Brown figs not dried (about two packages)

– 18 slices of prosciutto

-1 package of blue cheese crumbles

-1 package of pecans

-toothpicks (make sure you soak them so they don’t burn on the grill)

-honey for drizzle

What to do::

1.cut figs in half

2. stuff each fig with a couple of crumbles of blue cheese and about 2 pieces of pecans.

3. cut all slices of prosciutto in half and wrap the half slice around each fig and put toothpick in to hold together.

4. Grill in a grill pan or top shelf of grill about 5 min enough to get the grill lines.

5. drizzle with honey and serve at room temp!


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