By: Jordan

I know the word “contagious” itself does not necessarily incite positive feelings of desire, but I’ve been taught my entire life that attitudes are just that: contagious. They are “capable of being transmitted” and can “spread from person to person.” They are the resulting overflow of one’s heart and have the ability to change the tone of a conversation in an instant.

So, why do we allow ourselves, and others, to irresponsibly walk around with a bad one?  I don’t have the time nor wherewithal to name the reasons, but what I do have is a solution. If attitudes are contagious, wouldn’t it be best for us each to do our part to treat ourselves, as well as those we love and surround ourselves with, to a positive one? Of course! The solution to battling a bad attitude is simple, inexpensive  and readily available to every human being: a smile.

A smile can be big, cheesy, and teethy or it can be coy, tender and quiet. A smile can turn sorrow towards joy and pain towards healing. A smile is contagious, so do us all a favor and infect the world with a tiny bit of untamed happiness today, tomorrow and every day!