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By: Jordan

This is my hair care motto. I’m a firm believer in not only messy hair, but unwashed hair as well. It’s the key to success if you’re genuinely interested in embracing messy hair.  I know that I clearly sit on one side of the fence that has many opponents planted on the other when it comes to this issue. In fact, even the Nourish ladies are evenly split on this one. Mijanne proudly stands in my camp, while Cara and Reagan are die hard daily washers. Regardless, I won’t be swayed.

I honestly wash my hair once a week. I’m sure many of you gasp upon hearing this and wonder how those dear to me can stand the sight and smell of my filthy hair, but alas, it’s rarely repulsive. Of course, there are a few tricks of the trade that must be understood and adhered to when a thorough cleaning comes so infrequently.

First things first: you must be willing to experiment with your hair if you’re not going to keep it squeaky clean. That being said, if you wear your hair down every day, you need not continue reading. Secondly, you have to read the above sign and follow what it says. If you can’t embrace this side of yourself, you need not continue reading. However, if you’ve made it past these two disclaimers and are still interested in wildly tousled locks, read on my friend, read on.

You’ll notice that the ladies pictured below all have “messy” hair, not ugly hair. There’s a big difference and the two should not be confused. Messy hair requires work (although minimal), whereas ugly hair is simply neglected.

As you can see, there are several actual styles that can be achieved with messy hair. The braid, the bun, the voluminous chignon, the I’ve-just-ridden-a-motorcycle-with-my-handsome-rebel-without-a-cause-boyfriend. The list goes on.

If you dig it, here’s how you get it:

  • Invest in some salt spray. You can bottle up the ocean, make your own concoction or use some Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray featured in this post. Spray on your roots every few days and comb through to absorb and diffuse your naturally occurring oils.
  • Learn how to pull your hair back. There are awesome tutorials online that will teach you how to create the aforementioned styles with ease.
  • Grab a can of dry shampoo. There are several on the market at your local drug store. These are great for absorbing oil, but also add lots of desired volume at the root.
  • Know that there’s a new man in your life name Bobby. Bobby Pin. He will become your best friend.
  • Keep your blow dryer handy. You obviously won’t need to spend time blowing out your locks, but flipping you head over and blasting the roots for a few seconds will work wonders.
  • Finally, and most importantly, wear your messy hair confidently!