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By: Jordan

I mentioned a few posts back that we had the chance to celebrate my boyfriend Adam’s birthday recently. I also briefly mentioned that he’s into nature. Like really into nature. Of course, not everyone is, so I took upon the challenge of creating a outdoor, nature-inspired party that could be enjoyed by even the most posh urbanite.

On the left, we have an old-school tent made from rope, dark green fabric purchased by the yard and clothespins. Paired with the weathered fence posts and window frame chalk board, this vignette set the tone as the first thing guests saw when entering the backyard party. On the right is our campsite! Because we live in Florida, a real campfire in May practically screams torture. So, I made a fake fire instead! Crafted from tissue paper, cellophane, LED lights and a real stick base, our campfire created warm feelings without the heat.

Now, my absolutely favorite aspect of the party decor was the astroturf. Adam’s yard, although spacious, wasn’t exactly in perfect condition.  With thin patches of grass scattered amongst lots and lots of dirt I lucked out big time by picking up a 12’x12′ pre cut remnant of astroturf at Home Depot.  And the best part? It was 50% off! This means no itchy, muddy feet at a fraction of the anticipated cost. I’ll take it!

I was also sure to stock up on lots of citronella torches and campsite lanterns. Not only were these pieces theme appropriate, but they served a much needed purpose warding off pesky mosquitos.

You can see below a few more party details that made for a cohesive campsite party all the while catering to those who enjoy the finer details of well manicured life. My favorite has to be the s’mores cupcakes made by the one and only Mijanne. Who needs to sit over a hot fire, burn your forearms and sticky your fingers when you can have a cupcake that does just the trick?  No one here! MJ’s chocolate cupcakes have a graham cracker bottom and are topped with marshmallow frosting that’s even been browned with a blow torch. Talk about going the extra mile!

So, the next time you have a unique crowd to please, take a few moments to consider everyone’s preferences and explore the possibilities. I guarantee it’ll be a fun process with an even more rewarding outcome!