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By: Jordan

Let’s face it: goals are hard to accomplish. Weight loss goals are really hard to accomplish. And weight loss goals, when partnered with health concerns, are really, really hard to accomplish. Fortunately, I have a really exciting and inspiring success story to share with you today!

I’ll start with you where I entered the story. Last November, Cara told me about Turbo Kick at 24 Hour Fitness and despite the silly name, I decided to give it a try and ended up really loving this high energy cardio class. Within a few weeks, I was attending regularly accompanied by my muse Cara. I started taking the classes offered in the morning but eventually decided that I’d like to add the Wednesday night class to my routine as well. This class was really so much fun thanks to our incredible instructor Alli (aka-Turbo Alli) and the rest of professional Orlando seemed to agree as the evening class was beyond packed.

It was on that first evening class that I learned of Meghan’s story. Cara pointed her out to me before the class started and told me that she’d recently lost 100 pounds doing Turbo Kick classes! “What!? 100 pounds!? How can that be?? She’s so tiny!”  I literally could NOT believe it. Not only was Meghan in awesome shape, but SO full of energy! Her jumps were higher and yells louder than every person in the class, including Alli who uses a microphone!

As time has gone on and the Turbo Kick gang has become part of my fitness family, I’ve learned more and more about Meghan’s journey and the tremendous amount of adversity she has overcome to achieve her goals. She’s an incredible inspiration and motivation both in and out of classes at the gym. Don’t believe me? Just take a look for yourself!

As you can see, I tell no lies. The best part of Meghan’s story is that it keeps on going. Day in and day out she makes the tough choice to eat right and work her tail feather off; and now, she has an awesome opportunity. Meghan is currently in the final round of the Beachbody Million Dollar Body Game.  She has the chance to be awarded $25,000 and continue to inspire people going along their personal journeys! BUT, she needs your help! Please, please take a few minutes to read her complete story (it is truly an incredible one) and cast your VOTE HERE! You can vote once a day between now and next Tuesday. So go, VOTE, nourish and be nourished!