By: Cara

Well Nourish readers, we did it!!  3 months ago Jordan posted that we were training for our first triathlon and 3 days ago Jordan and I completed our first triathlon!  We couldn’t be more excited to say we did it and even more excited to say we finished it well!

I thought the best way to document our experience would be to take you through beginning to end.  Jordan and I, along with our other friends Lori and Nicole, also doing the tri, spent the evening before the big day at a Disney hotel so that we would be close to the event location.  The sound of our alarms went off at 4:45am and I got up ready to go!  None of us got any sleep that night but at least for me the excitement of what was about to take place over-shadowed any sense of being sleepy.

We arrived at Disney Ft. Wilderness campgrounds before the sun came up around 5:30am to set up our transition stations and make sure everything was ready to go.  Thank goodness our friend Nicole had practiced her transitions ahead of time because she knew all the tricks on how to set up our stations.  It was as this point that I just prayed that I didn’t forget anything.  This was unlike anything I ever had to prepare for, normally all I have to remember for a race is my running shoes and ipod, this time I had to remember what seemed like a million things. Here is my station all set up and ready to go:

After set up was complete, it was go time! Jordan, Lori, Nicole and myself got our race numbers written on our arms, swim caps on, and goggles in hands!

We headed out to the lake around 7:30am for our heats start time.  Let me remind you that Jordan and I had been dreading the swim leg of the race since the very beginning of training.  Fortunately for us, Lori, who has been swimming competitively since she was a child, helped us tremendously  on our swimming during training and thanks to a few open water swims in Lucky’s lake we stepped into the lake with confidence (at least I was psyching myself that I was ready). And we were!  Lori was first out of the water in our heat (we were not surprised) and Jordan, Nicole and I were just a few minutes behind her.  Mike was able to get this really great photo of our heat waiting to start the swim.

Now that the hard part was over it was on to the bike and and run!  Thanks to Nicole’s awesome tips on setting up transitions, my transitions were smooth and I was able to waste no time between each leg of the race.   The bike portion actually surprised me the most, I quickly realized this was the leg of the race where I could make up the most time and for my next tri need to practice more training on the bike.  Jordan and I both agreed that the more experience we have with passing people on the course and maneuvering our way around a congested course will help us make up a lot more time next go around!  Then it was onto my favorite part, the run!  I couldn’t wait to get to the part that I felt most comfortable with, where I could just throw on my running shoes and go.  This was also an exciting part in the race where I got to see Lori, Jordan and Nicole on the course.  It was fun for me to cheer them along and see how they were doing as we passed each other on the course.  Knowing that we were all almost finished, it was a really exciting time in race.  We all finished with times better than what we hoped for and felt great after it was over.  Lori placed 1st in our division (swim champion!) and I was totally shocked to learn that I placed 9th in our division!  Jordan and Nicole also both stomped on their goals with finishing more than 15 minutes faster than they expected.  I can’t forget to mention the awesome support we had show up to cheer us on, our families, husbands, boyfriends and friends all were waiting for us as the finish line!

Completing our first triathlon was a huge accomplishment for us all and we are all ready to sign up for our next one! Jordan and I overcame our hatred for swimming, we got use to wearing a swim cap, we realized that running in spandex shorts isn’t all that bad and by golly we actually had fun!

Lori, Nicole, Jordan and myself sporting our medals after the race was over

Fellow Nourish contributor and dear friend Mijanne came out to cheer us on (Reagan would have been there too but she was busy having a baby!)