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By: Jordan

I think it’s safe to say that we all have dreams. We all have dreams beyond the “my teeth are falling out and I’m in my underwear at work” kind of dreams. We all have dreams for a better life, for a better world, for a better you and me. And although we all have dreams, we don’t all use them, pursue them and strive to make them a reality.

Fortunately for Orlando, our lovely friend Shannon Staunton is proving that you can take hold of your dreams and unfold them into just that: reality. Shannon’s dream is one that extends beyond herself and out to her community. It is Conduit Orlando, a dream of “equipping endeavors that shape culture”.

Conduit is a creative workspace that is not just a functional room furnished with fancy supplies.  It is that and so much more. Conduit is a creative workspace that fosters the dreams of those working within its rooms.  And the true beauty is that you can be a part of making this dream for Orlando a reality.

Conduit is in the homestretch of fundraising on Kickstarter and needs your help! Check out the video below, learn even more about Conduit and donate HERE!