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By: Jordan

Friends, I cannot express to you enough just how much I LOVE this new cookbook written by Gwyneth Paltrow. Forget the fact that GP is an Acadamy Award winning actress, wife of Coldplay’s Chris Martin, mother to two adorable children and creator of one of my favorite blogs GOOP. You can even forget the fact that the recipes contained within this cookbook are both healthy and delicious.  What makes this book so special and so quickly my favorite is the way Gwyneth talks about food.

She, just like me, is enamored by the art and beauty of a meal, specifically one shared with people you love. It was Gwyneth’s father that taught her how to cook, hence the homage paid to him in the title.  She speaks so thoughtfully about her father, so sweetly about the way they shared a love of food until the day he passed away.  She tells one story about his famous pancakes and the fact that pancakes were the first thing she ever learned to cook. I resonated strongly with this as pancakes were the first thing I learned how to cook…and it was MY father who taught ME! It’s numerous anecdotes, such as these, sprinkled throughout the pages of recipes that make this cookbook so lovely and unique. I’ll even admit, unashamedly mind you, that I teared up when I started reading Gwyneth’s accounts of the importance of sharing really good food with loved ones.

Beyond the sentimental qualities found in My Father’s Daughter, this book is really well designed. From the food categories, to icons that give you an overview of each recipe at a glance, to helpful sections such as stocking your pantry well and ideas to get kids involved in the kitchen, this cookbook is truly one-of-a-kind.

I’ve already tried a couple of recipes and have been thrilled with the ease of preparation and how deliciously they’ve turned out! I started taking photos to share a step-by-step process but failed miserably as I couldn’t wait to dig in once my culinary creations were ready to serve. Below is a collection of the ingredients needed for a chicken stir fry I made last night. Delish and super easy! You can find a number of recipes GP and her chef friends made together for the launch of her cookbook here.

You can purchase your own copy of My Father’s Daughter at Barnes & Noble on sale off right now!  If you’re anything like me, be prepared to go directly to the grocery store to stock up on ingredients for your first meal. While you’re at it, do yourself a favor by picking up a pack of tissues and remember these words from my new best friend Gwen: “Invest in what’s real. Clean as you go. Drink while you cook.”  Bon appetit!