By: Holly Harris of Canvas Coalition

Workout of the Week: BAD DANCING!!

Looking for a free cardio workout that is always unique and ever changing? As long as you have a great selection of music and speakers that fill the room, you can participate in this simple yet sweaty workout! No dancing experience required. Actually the less, the better! Even though I am an experienced dancer and choreographer, I mentally throw away all prior skill and technique in order to fully engage in the heart-pumping workout of bad dancing!

In conjunction with other exercise and training programs that may already be on your weekly schedule, I suggest slipping in a 30-minute time slot for some kooky cardio dance improvisation. Now, don’t start criticizing this exercise regiment yet! Most don’t last more than 10-15 minutes before falling on their couches ready to pass out. Bad dancing actually requires an unusual kind of undeveloped skill and can almost be considered as an art to those who have mastered the wacky and erratic moves that will continually surprise you as you journey further into the world of bad dancing.

Still not sold? There are many technical aspects to focus on during your 30-minute sweaty solo. So if you haven’t seen any value yet in this exercise workout, take a peak at some possible elements to experiment with:

1. Focus only on upper body movement (rib cage, chest, shoulders, arms, elbows, hands, neck, and head)
2. Focus only on your lower body movement (hips, butt, legs, knees, feet, toes)
3. Isolate your movement to various parts of your body (ex. only toes and head)
4. Strike a pose!
5. Move to the music double time
6. Move to the music half time
7. Listen to the lyrics (perform moves that express some of the words or even pretend to tell a story through your bodily movement during large portions of the lyrics)
8. Don’t forget about your level changes… explore movement down close to the floor, as well as, lifts and jumps in the air
9. Props can be fun (and also dangerous)… chair, sofa, mop, etc.
10. If you’re feeling brave enough to have a friend join you, then experiment with synchronized movement and contact touch reactions.

Here are a couple of safety tips and suggestions from past experience:

1. Be careful not to start off with too much power and energy. You’ll end up tuckering out after only two songs. Instead, begin with simple stationary arm and leg movements that slowly become more complicated and allow for movement around the room.
2. Frequently, check your heart rate and create movement that allows for frozen poses, slower moves, or isolated movement, so your roommates or family members don’t find you passed out on the floor.
3. Carefully select your musical playlist. Mixing up your musical selections will help change the pacing and tone of your workout.
4. Wear comfortable, moveable clothing that breathes.

Maybe you have been formally trained at a dance school, stolen some sweet moves at a club, or have stayed away from all forms of dance and movement in fear of jeopardizing those around you due to your clumsiness. No matter what your background is, bad dancing just simply looks bad on everyone. So close the blinds, darken the lights in your house, move around the furniture, and dust off the mini disco ball or lava lamp you stashed in your closet from middle school. Not only will this cardio workout help shed some pounds, but you might discover an all new you as you leave your safe bodily shell behind and bust a crazy move on the floor.

Take a little looksy at a one-minute example of some bad dancing!