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By: Jordan

“Indeed our lives are guided by faith…” 2 Corinthians 5:7

Have you ever met a child that blows you away with their insight and maturity? What about three? All in one family? If you answered yes to all three questions, were those kids also adorable, full of love, hilarious and respectful? I have. And if you answered yes to all of those questions as well, we’re probably talking about the same kids. I’ve known Paul and Anne Alexander for a little over a year now and they are the two incredible parents who are responsible for those three incredible kids.

The Alexanders joined the house church Mijanne and I are in last Spring and have been a huge blessing to our little family ever since! Their brood, made up of Albany, 12, Kestae 9, and Ripken, 4, is truly special. It is clear that Paul and Anne have made it a priority to rear their children with undeniable love and affection, but beyond that, they are committed to their children’s intellectual and spiritual development in a major way. Not a week goes by that one of the three kiddos doesn’t make stop and think, “wow!”.  Whether Rip is making a sarcastic joke (he has a highly developed sense or humor for a 4-year-old) or one of the girls is calling out truths they see in other members of our house church, they are all wise beyond their years.

Knowing that Paul and Anne have done such a beautiful job with their three children, it is no wonder that God has called them to adoption. He has called this family knowing that they are faithful to follow Him and faithful to raise any new addition(s) to their family as their very own.

Back in October of 2010, Paul and Anne announced to the body of Status that they were, indeed, answering God’s call and had started the process to adopt one or more children from Ethiopia. That night, our community raised over $11,000 to aid the Alexander’s in the exorbitant cost of International adoption.

Since that night, we have been on this journey alongside the Alexanders every step of the way. We were there when Anne was spending every waking moment on paperwork. We were there to hear about Paul’s hand cramps (poor baby!) from all the signing of said prepared paperwork. We were there when the home study was happening. We were there when they found out they’d been matched with TWO sweet babes. TWO! Brother and sister we’ll lovingly refer to as B&B until they’re officially a part of the Alexander family.

And, now, we are here as they wait.

Waiting for a court date with a government that is unstable and unpredictable. We are here to experience the ups and downs that come with this sort of waiting. We are here to encourage and love the Alexanders through this part of their journey. And although the waiting is hard, there is so much hope in the promise of God as the Alexanders obey what He has called them to do.

There is hope, and the wait seems just a little shorter, when we see updated photos of B&B. When we see Albs, Kez and Rip get excited about their new brother and sister. When we learn about other families near and far that have successfully adopted from the same orphanage as B&B.

So, today, I ask that you join us in this journey. Help us adopt some kids! The total cost of the adoption for both darlings is $40,000. As of today, we’re about half way there, knowing that God will provide little by little, bit by bit. Please visit the Alexander’s Facebook Page to learn more.  Here, you can GIVE as you’re able, “LIKE” their page and SHARE their story with others.

I can confidently and sincerely say that if you join us, you will truly be blessed. Nourish and Be Nourished.