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By: Jordan


No, I’m not simply flexing my slang muscle asking “What’s Up?”.   SUP is our featured “Workout of the Week”! And, let me tell you, this is a GOOD one! My dear friend Jodie Nelson is a staple in the SUP community. She is the founder of both The SUP Spot and Paddle With Purpose and has launched SUP into the mainstream media by being the first woman to complete the 40 mile trek SOLO from Catalina Island to Dana Point Harbor, all while raising money for breast cancer awareness. Oh, and did I mention that she was on Ellen because a 30 foot whale followed her for 2 hours!? So, needless to say, she is a hero and inspiration…and the person who introduced me to SUP.

Stand Up Paddling, commonly known as SUP is a vein of the action sports industry that’s daily gaining popularity. So, what is it, you ask? Well, allow me to divulge a bit of aquatic history. “SUP, is a surface water sport, a variant of surfing where the surfer uses a paddle to move through the water while standing on a surfboard. Stand up paddle surfing is derived from its Polynesian roots. The Hawaiian translation is Ku Hoe He’e Nalu; to stand, to paddle, to surf, a wave.” Pretty cool, huh?

The best thing about SUP is that you don’t have to be near the ocean to participate! In fact, this sport is best for beginners on the calm waters of lakes and springs, which is absolutely perfect if you live in…say, central Florida!

The benefits of a SUP workout are almost endless. Due to the very nature of balancing on a moving object in open water, this workout engages the entire body, focusing on core strength. The range of motion used to paddle extends all the way from your forearms, up to your shoulders, through your back, and down to your obliques. Beyond the pure mechanics of paddling, you can also vary your workout to include basic calisthenics.  Just take a look at the spoof Jodie produced, featuring 4-time ASP Women’s World Surfing Champion Steph Gilmore (and, oh yeah, yours truly!), of hardcore SUP bootcamp!

Of course, spandex and sweat bands are not required, but willingness to get dunked and a good attitude definitely are! Let me know if you live in Orlando and would like to go on a SUP adventure. If you’re elsewhere, be sure to check in with Jodie for all things SUP!