By: Jordan

If you’re like me, chances are you can only stick to the same workout routine for so long before you start getting bored. It’s terrible to admit, but unfortunately, that’s just the nature of routine. That being said, there are all sorts of FUN exercise programs out there! Each week, I’m going to share a unique format for workin’ on your fitness.

So, first up we have , Pop Physique::

Headquartered in Sliverlake, CA (one of LA’s hippest neighborhoods), Pop Physique is one of the most fun, effective workouts I’ve ever completed! I lived in Southern California a few years ago and decided to visit Pop Physique after reading a review on Daily Candy. My interest in this particular workout was immediately piqued for a number of reasons. The foremost being the…umm, motivating…yes, motivating imagery on their American Apparel-eque website and the quirky verbiage used to describe the classes.

The classes themselves I was drawn to for their foundation in ballet, yoga and pilates. I danced as a child and into my early teens, but never quite got that long, lean body ballerinas are so well known for . So, I thought to myself, “here’s my chance!” and on a stormy Saturday morning, I made the trek up to LA for my Pop Physique experience! Joined by my fellow Floridian McKenzie, we pliéd, squatted, crunched and arabesqued our way to sore, tired bodies. Described as a “one hour class that will effectively work each muscle group in your body with results similar to a personal training session for  a fraction of the cost”, the “Pop Sculpt” class did not disappoint! It was a ton of fun, effective and worth every penny!

Sadly, Pop Physique has yet to move out of Southern California.  But, who knows, maybe one day yours truly will bring a Pop class to Orlando one day. Until then, I’ll continue to work on pointing my toes, tucking my tailbone under and pulling the crown of my head toward the ceiling via an imaginary string!